1.We unrevokably and strongly condemn the military coup attempt by reportedly a minority military coup in Turkey broadcast yesterday.

2. This is an anti Islamic and anti people coup under the guise of human rights and democracy.

3. We see this as an attempt to covertly undermine the will of the Turkish people to develope the nation to become a strong Islamic nation.

4. It is not too distance to perceive the attempt to take over the goverment by military force as a conspiration between anti Erdogan groups within and outside Turkey.

5. The Turkish leadership under Tayyeb Erdogan has been seen as a challenge to the western powers and also by the Zionist Israel movement to halt the growing strength of the AKP lead government.

7. The international credibility of Turkey especially amongst Muslims all over the world has given high hopes of a Muslim nation that could rekindle the glory of Islam in terms of good governence, the building of strong spiritual and moral values amongst its people , developing economic progress , strong defence , advance in education , science and technology , active and well organised local and internatiobal civil societies.

8. The military coup attempt is indeed an attempt to curb the potential strenght of Turkey at the world stage. Erdogan's leadership has proven to be a consistent steering of Turkey to face the heavy challenges both from within and also from outside .

9. We stand in solidarity with the leadership and the people of Turkey to resist the military coup and to pursue efforts in strenghthening unity of the ummah through a strong people base movement and good governence.

10. We call on all Muslims around the world to reject the military coup attempt to plunge Turkey to a state of instability.

We urge the Prime Minister of Malaysia to express his solidarity with Presiden Erdogan and also call on all the Malaysian Member of Parlimen to reject the coup.

------------------------------- Abdul Ghani Samsudin Chairman SHURA

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid Presiden of MAPIM

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