Flotilla Medical Team to Ameliorate Traumatic Stress of Rohingya Children

ON BOARD THE NAUTICAL ALIYA, Feb 8 (Bernama) - The 'Food Flotilla for Myanmar' medical team hope to provide counselling reduce stress and trauma experienced by ethnic Rohingya children. Mission medical head Datuk Dr Alwi Abd Rahman said some of the 50 mission medical personnel would be involved in providing psychological rehabilitation and counselling. "Obviously what happened to them (Rohingya children) will leave a mark on them in future. So besides medical assistance, psychological help is among our main focus," he said. Dr Alwi said volunteers were also reminded to be cautious when conducting their duties to avoid getting infected by diseases. The mission which enters its sixth day is carrying 2,300 tonnes of food, medical supplies, daily necessities, clothes and blankets and the vessel is expected to reach Yangon tomorrow. The flotilla organised by the 1Malaysia Putera Club (KP1M) and the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisation (Mapim), is joined by 195 volunteers from 12 countries. Meanwhile, PAS Youth deputy chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi said PAS supported the agenda of the government to assist ethnic Rohingyas who were being oppressed in their homeland. Muhammad Khalil who is participating as a volunteer in the 'Food Flotilla for Myanmar' mission told reporters on board Nautical Aliya today. "Muslims should unite to address the Rohingya issue which crosses the border of politics," said the son of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. Another PAS volunteer, Sazali Sudin, 40, said he felt compelled to answer the call of the plight of ethnic Rohingyas in this mission. "This is a responsibility of a Muslim and I considered myself very lucky to be able to join the mission with many non-governmental organisations despite differing ideologies.

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