Rohingya; Update from Naf Riverside, Bangladesh

From Brother Salim Ullah (Cooperation for Humanitarian Activities, Cox Bazar Bangladesh):

Brother Tarmizi, the real situation here are worth than you can imagine. I'm here to help them, as much as we can do.

Today, 800 killed by Borma in one village, 3 villages are burning in Rasidong area. I can see fire everywhere from here.

Since the latest operation conduct by Borma goverment on 25 August, it hard to count and give you exact numbers, but if we go by population in one area to another under their operation, it was close to 25,000 were killed, missing and lost contact.

400,000 our brothers and sisters are making their way to come here. 200,000 stuck at the border, still waiting. No where to go to. Bangladesh goverment not allow the to come in.

We have to open new camp for them, in Thankhali, between Balokhi and Teknaf.

They are everywhere, in the

junggle, road side, village, open area without food, clothes, shelter, water etc. Among them are women with infant, children, old man - hungger, thirsty, tired, crying and sleepy.

Please give hand to help them. Please come to see and feel the situation yourself. Let me know when you will be here.

Brother Enamurrahman: They need food and shelter. We only can give them bananas. Number are increasing time to time. Estimated 300,000 already arrived in last few days, cross the Naf River in very hard way. Cross for life.

They slept everywhere, in open area without anything... Thank you for your hard working for us. I will send you more pictures tomorrow. Here i have some.... Feel it!



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