Mossad Orchestrating Media To Cover Up Espionage Operation

MAPIM Press Release

26 th April 2018


It is not suprising at all. Mossad has been very calculative in all its operation. Timing and precision in executing a targeted killing comes with news to cover up, is nothing new to Mossad.

We read between the lines. When Israel only responded on the third day of the assasination and all of a sudden now concocting news of Fadi's alledged negotiating arm deal with North Korea as reported in the New York Times on the fith day, the scheme of their coverted operation is obvious.

All the reports in the media seems to be quoting from western officials without substantial evidence. Quote it repeatedly and they will use it to build public opinion in favor of the assasination.

The operation is quick and effective. Assasinate , vanish and connect the victim to terrorism with concocted facts.

What more , the news pops up in NYT of the US, which is giving impunity to Mossad of Israel to launch an operation of targeted killings which violates international law.

Israel always gets away clean because US has consistantly, without fail, backed Israel on its barbaric terrorist act.

Sadly there are shallowed minded people within the public that embrace blatant spinning of facts to favor Mossad's action.

With one news concorted out of the blue , ignorant public are made to believe that the asasination is a necessary measure.

Those who are unconsciously trapped in the media interplay of getting the public to debate on the motives of the murder, must realize that this operation is not only about gunning down a target but also to mesmerize the public into believing that their target is legitimate since it is so called connected to a broader global terrorist conspiracy.

This creates a smoke screen making the public to be blurred from Mossad's crime.

The shift of focus is the game of Mossad intelligence operation.

Out of the more than 500 assasinations executed against Palestinian and Iranian scientists during the first intifadhah, even innocent civilians are not spared.By the second intifadhah, some 800 operations was conducted by Mossad. More than 2700 scientists outside Palestine were assasinated by Mossad.

The whole operation since Mossad came into existence in 1949 , were always covered up by US full endorsement on Israel . Israel is a rogue state and it will go at length to distort facts on any assasination operation.

The alledged arms deal by Fadi with North Korea is absurd. This is a claim concorted to establish a perception against the victim rather than exposing the real threat of the Mossad's design to execute a killing operation and to destabilize a nation.

Hired commentators are rampant in Israeli's grand scheme of conspiracy. Creating doubt is used to dilute facts of Mossad's espionage agenda.

The public must be cleared of doubts on the Palestinian struggles. Deliberate media distortion is part of the whole Mossad Zionist operation.

Mossad has been a notoriuos agency for both its overt and covert action to assasinate targeted individuals or groups anywhere in the world. Its aim is to strike fear in the hearts of the Palestinian freedom fighters and all anti Israel movements.

We are calling the Malaysian government to establish a special counter espionage surveillance to monitor and check the operations by the Mossad agents here.

The internal affairs ministry need to create a highly skill personnels and equipped with sophisticated technology to counter the Mossad network involving local agents, foreign embassies and pro Israel elements in this country.

The tentacles of the Mossad operation and its allies must be cut off and support for the Palestinian resistance movement must be strengthen to defeat the Zionist occupation.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

President MAPIM

#Kematian #Israel #Yahudi #Palestin

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