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 8 September 2023 



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Marrakesh Earthquake




Nature of Disaster

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake


  • More than 2,900 deaths

  • Over 300,000 displaced


13th September 2023


The tragedy of the earthquake occurred in several densely populated cities, occurred in the late hours of Friday night, 8/9/2023 in the city of Marrakesh. This is considered to be the strongest earthquake to hit Morocco in a hundred years, warning other countries to take preventive measures against unexpected earthquakes.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7 SR was recorded in El Haouz province, in the center, at 11:00 pm Moroccan time. The epicenter was located 71 kilometers southwest of Marrakech with a depth of 18.5 kilometers.

According to Morocco's National Seismic Monitoring and Warning Network, an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale, struck the country at 11:11 p.m. 08 Sept local time, with tremors lasting a few seconds. U.S. Geological Survey said, the earthquake had an initial magnitude of 6.8 magnitude. The US agency reported a magnitude-4.9 aftershock struck 19 minutes later. The epicenter was high in the Atlas Mountains about 43.5 miles south of Marrakech.


The Moroccan Red Crescent team is coordinating closely with local authorities on the ground to assess the situation and provide support to affected people.

MAPIM Malaysia's Special Advanced Team arrives at the earthquake area and conducts a rapid needs assessment through inspections and meetings with those affected. It was found that the priority needs are food, water, and shelter, as shelter tents, baskets of canned food ready to eat, and bottles of drinking water are provided as the first stage, as there is a major lack of aid and access due to the remoteness of the affected areas, as well as the nature of the mountains around the affected area.

In terms of rescue efforts, rescue efforts are still ongoing, and there are difficulties in contacting stranded victims due to road cuts and the gathering of victims scattered in the mountainous areas affected by the earthquake.

This report will be updated from time to time.


9th September 2023

11th September 2023

13th September 2023

MAPIM Malaysia Special Advanced Team arrived in Istanbul to coordinate the Marrakesh Earthquake mission with a few other NGOs, led by (Dr.) Sani Araby Al-Kahery.

MAPIM Malaysia Special Advanced Team arrived in Marrakesh to conduct a preliminary analysis of the extent of the earthquake's impact on the local communities, and to arrange immediate relief aid to those affected by the disaster.

MAPIM Malaysia is teaming up with local Malaysian media agencies e.g. UmmahToday and ASTRO AWANI to bring in live coverage of the disaster to local television.

Updated: 13 Sept 2023

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